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School Age

A quick overview...

The School Age Program is designed for children ages ranging from 5 years to 12 years. School age children are dropped off in the mornings and are picked up by the Harborcreek school bus by 8:25, bringing the students to school. The children are then brought back to Barb's by 3:30, where they are able to do different crafts and activities until they are picked up by their parent(s)/guardian(s)**. During the summer months school age children go on field trips.  When they are not on field trips, they spend their time exploring Barb's woods, swimming in the pool and playing different sports or creating crafts. 

A letter from Ms. Barb

Dear School-Age Parents:

I want to explain a couple of things at the beginning of the summer so we are all on the same page.  


SHOES: I am requesting only closed toe shoes and absolutely no flip-flops.  Your child will not go on a field trip if they have flip flops on and no other shoes.  Sneakers or closed toe sandals only will be acceptable, for the safety of every child and to keep toes from getting stubbed.

SAFETY: Please go over the Safety Rules that are listed under the "Good to Know" tab at the top of this page.  I give the same rules to the teachers every year.  Please make sure your child understands them and listen when asked to follow them.  These rules are in place and have been for years - they help keep all our children safe.

DISCIPLINE: My only discipline for negative behavior will be the same as in past years - a field trip will be taken away from the child.  This seems to work and once they miss a field trip, they begin to listen.

ELECTRONICS: Electronics are NOT allowed at camp.  ONLY when we go on field trips are they allowed, so they can keep themselves amused for the drive.  If I see one, I will confiscate it and it will stay in my office.  Please label them when sending - I will not be responsible for the loss of one.  If your child is not responsible enough, please don't send one.

NEW THIS YEAR:  We have a large group this year, so ages will be separated into three groups.  Ms. Bethany will take the older group - 4th - 6th grade.  Ms. Lauren will have the middle age group - 1st - 3rd grade.  Ms. Taryn will have the Kindergartners.  Each group has 12 kids, which is why we needed to break them up this year.   There will be a $60 Field Trip fee for the older and middle groups.  Kindergartners will be charged $40 due to the fact they will only be going on one field trip per week plus one bonus trip in June.

*If a child does not want to go on a field trip, they do not have to.  Since we have more teachers staying back at the center this year, the child may stay at the center if they choose.*

CAMP:  Each week there will be one or two craft items.  They will not be bored.  We will also encourage book reading at least a half hour a day.  They may bring their own books, or borrow one of ours.

GEAR:  Please label each item and have your child bring the following:

*Backpack          *Swimsuit          *Towel          *Water Bottle         *Sunscreen & Insect Repellant - to be left at center

*Cap or Visor      *Water Shoes (for creek)          *Sweatshirt & Long Pants (for chilly or rainy days)

What school age is getting into...

Enjoying all their fun field trips and enoying the outside activities and pool!! Summer is the best at Barb's!  See the calendars below for trip information!

Trips are subject to change due to weather.

1st Day of Camp!





Double Diamond Deer Ranch in Cooks Forest

Living Treasures Animal Park in New Castle

Ohio Farm in Kirkland, OH

Ohio Farm in Kirkland, OH

Living Treasures Animal Park in New Castle

Buffalo Science Museum &

Naval Ships



Gem Mine

in Creek

Hiking in woods


Scavenger Hunt

Panama Rocks



Older only: 

PA Lumber Museum

Younger Only:

Drakes Well in

Oil Creek

Fort Niagara

Drake Well &

Titusville Train

Ride 12-4pm

Pymatuning Spillway & Fish


Skywalk in Bradford &


Pymatuning Spillway & Fish


Botanical Gardens in Buffalo, NY

Erie Science Museum and 

Mini Golf

Pittsburgh - 

Carnegie Science


Niagara Rock Climbing

Canoeing with Boy Scouts

Tom Ridge Center and Tower

Tom Ridge Center and Tower

Niagara Falls

Kids Carnival - Families Welcome


Erie Zoo

Cleveland Aquarium - if we Canoe on the 3rd

Canoeing with Boy Scouts - 


Oil Creek State Park and Wildlife Center

Talent Show, Picnic, and

Camp Out!

Talent Show practice

Cleveland Aquarium




Cleveland Aquarium if canoeing is rained out

**The Harborcreek school bus only transfers those students who attend CLARK SCHOOL. The bus transfers them in the mornings and in the afternoons. Miss Barb picks up children from KLEIN and ROLLING RIDGE SCHOOLS only in the afternoons. All other students need their own transportation**

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