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  • A 3-day per week minimum is required for all ages. Our policiy also states that you pay regardless of attendance. If you sign up for part-time (minimum 3-days/week), you are required to pay the DAILY  rate, even if you end up needing our services every day. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • All fees are required to be paid in full PRIOR  to the week of care.

  • A LATE FEE OF $15.00  will be assessed for any payments not made on the Friday or Monday prior to care. Please adjust your payments accordingly. There are NO EXCEPTIONS  and this also applies to CCIS clients.

  • NSF fee  for a returned check is $40.00.

  • There is a fee of $1.00 per minute FOR EACH CHILD  not picked up by 6:00 p.m. This is to be paid to the staff scheduled when you pick up your child (ren) or when the child (ren) returns to daycare the next day. 

  • Multiple children discount: A 12% discount off the tuition of the OLDEST  child and 15% for the THIRD CHILD. This applies to full-time only.

    • The government usually pays after care which means there is NO  discount



** Each family is required to provide a signature agreeing to the above listed terms and thatyou have received a copy foryour records. If you have any questions or concerns regarding tuition or policies,please contact Barbara Gainer.**



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